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Sunday, April 02, 2006 

The Powers of Meditative Healing

Meditation refers to the state of the body is relaxed and the mind is maintained in complete calmness and focus. Healing through meditation is possible. You can try it and it can relieve your senses, your body, and even your soul. Although the full meditation stage is not easy to achieve, practicing it daily can improve health and in time noticeable changes happens on your physical and mental well being. Meditiation can be self-taught, it's just a matter of stong determination and will. Generally, it can relieve stress because it aims to relax your body and mind. You can be healed of acute and chronic pain even. Mentally, your focus and state of mind will improve. At times, it is believed that pain is just a state of mind. With proper meditation, healing can happen. Just will it to be.

I can certainly vouch for the benefits of meditation. As a daily meditator, I have found a progressively increasing sense of peace, relaxation, and focus. It helps me in many ways, but the greatest of all is through stress management. I am virtually stress free in my life, because whenever stressful situations start to get me tense, I will meditate and be back to a calm relaxed state.

I recommend a good site with meditations on it and mediatation information. Rainbow Sorcery!

This one is also a great site for everything health related, but here's the specific meditation page link at the Super Health Hub.


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