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Friday, March 31, 2006 

Experimenting with Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy works almost like herbal therapy. It’s yet to be accepted by experts in the medical field. But alternative route to achieve the optimum of one’s health is always worth giving a try. Magnetic therapy is very intriguing, it is said to effectively heal fractures. With that in mind, I went out and experimented with the idea. I tried electromagnetism first hand. I coiled a long wire and applied electricity in it using a battery pack. I have a long-standing fracture on my left wrist that time. I tried to put the magnet on the center of the pain. I can almost feel the pain disappearing and gone in less than ten minutes. This moved me to believe the healing powers of magnetic therapy. But you don’t need to go out and buy a pack of battery like I did. With the modern market we have today, you can purchase magnetic dots and other magnetic accessories and get pain relief in no time.


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