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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 

Magnetic Therapy: The Path to Good Health

Magnets do wonders on the body. Some studies have shown faster healing rate on bone fractures and pains if the particular area is subjected to a magnetic field. Magnet therapy is really an alternative type of medicine. Although it should not entirely replace normal medication like, it definitely does well for the body promoting healing and pain relief. If the therapy is coupled with pills and prescription drugs, recovery will certainly be faster. Several people can already attest to the almost miraculous powers of a magnet. The Baylor College of Medicine has conducted a study of magnet healing and it has produced satisfactory results. If you want to do away with synthetic drugs, you can try magnetic therapy for yourself. There are a lot of sources on the Internet that provides magnetic therapy services. Magnetic therapy is truly one way of working your way to a health life.


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