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Friday, April 28, 2006 

10 Embarrassing Massage Questions

10 Embarrassing Massage Questions
Many people have a moment of awkwardness when they have a massage. For some, it's not knowing whether to get completely undressed or keep their underwear on. Or it's waking...


FDA Dismisses Evidence on Medical Marijuana

FDA Dismisses Evidence on Medical Marijuana
Last Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement saying that there were "no sound scientific studies" on the medical use of marijuana and that "no human or...



Kirk Douglas, Emmy Award-Winner Michael Goorjian Team In Film Fable About Love And Redemption Legendary Actor, Emerging Director Explore Essential Themes: Life-Altering Choices and Finding Oneself

Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Get to Know Some Friendly Fungi - Part II

When we experience a cold or the flu, our immune system is sending out an SOS. Mushroom soup is a great choice for two reasons; one, because it is a hot liquid, which warms the throat and retards viral replication, and two, because it contains special compounds that bolster the immune system. The active substances derived from mushrooms stimulate cell regeneration and activate the defense cells. This results in the production of several regulatory proteins being released.

The Agaricus mushroom, has several well known varieties including meadow mushroom (agaricus campestris). During the past 10 years, the medicinal mushroom known as agaricus blazei has been studied and developed as a foodstuff in Asia. Agaricus bisporus is the most common edible mushroom in Western countries.

You may have heard of Kombucha, a very popular remedy, but it is not a mushroom at all. It is the common name for a fermentation of sweetened black tea using lactobacilli and yeast cultures. The species of yeast found in the tea can vary, and it is the yeast culture, which looks a bit like a large pancake, which is sometimes mistaken for a mushroom. Kombucha is regarded to properties that protect against cancer by supporting the liver in detoxifying the body.

Maitake and Reishi are two mushrooms that the Chinese and Japanese have called upon for thousands of years. The reishi mushroom treats liver disorders, hypertension and arthritis, the Maitake mushroom for its positive impact on the immune system. It has been found to inhibit the growth of tumors and now in the United States there are clinical studies underway of patients with breast and colorectal cancers.


Get to Know Some Friendly Fungi - Part I

Mushrooms belong to the world of Fungi, which plays an integral role in our ecology. They break down dead organic material for the recycling of nutrients through ecosystem can continue. The medical profession has made effective use of fungi in the creation of penicillin and other antibiotics. And there are many culinary delights made with mushrooms.

In addition to edible ones, there are medicinal mushrooms which are gaining attention of the medical world for its benefits in the use in the prevention, care and treatment of the body. They contain numerous substances that aid the body's ability to defend itself against toxins and stress. These include glycoproteins, glyconutrients and lectins to name a few.

Adding mushrooms to your diet or a mushroom extract supplement to your daily routine will influence your immune system. It has also been show to have a positive impact in the prevention of cancer or treatment. The shiitake and reishi mushrooms are highly regarded for their anti-oxidant properties, however, there are some individuals who may experience an allergic reaction to mushrooms if ingested regularly.

We will look at the Agaricus, Kombucha and Maitake mushrooms in Part II.


Calling All Life Coaches!

Calling All Life Coaches!
On Saturday 18th March, Nic Rixon, one of the UK s leading life coaches, is inviting fellow life coaches to a free half day briefing at Wokefield Park, Reading from 2pm.


What Do You Wear During Massage?

What Do You Wear During Massage?
One of the most embarrassing questions people have about massage is what to wear during the massage. Do you remove your underwear, keep them on, or change into a thong...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

How to get rid of your allergies using all natural herbal remedies

How to get rid of your allergies using all natural herbal remedies
Are you suffering from allergies ? Get to know what foods and herbs are good for allergies ,why allergies occur , how to cure your allergies.


FDA Dismisses Evidence on Medical Marijuana

FDA Dismisses Evidence on Medical Marijuana
Last Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement saying that there were "no sound scientific studies" on the medical use of marijuana and that "no human or...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Get Heartburn, Indigestion and Ulcer Relief Using DGL

Get Heartburn, Indigestion and Ulcer Relief Using DGL
Here's a remedy derived from the licorice herb that is under used for gaining heartburn relief. Learn what DGL is and how you can use it to improve the integrity of your gastrointestinal lining.


Re-engerize Yourself with Reiki

As an alternative therapy, Reiki is unique in its application. It is totally non-invasive, yet effective. If you adhere to the principle that all physical manifestations begin in the spiritual dimension, it is easy to see how Reiki impacts your health.

Japan has long been regarded for their respect for the human spirit and reverent care of the body. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese terms - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy" - Reiki is in essence is, "spiritually guided life force energy."

The hands are used to connect to the unseen life force energy between the giver and receiver, creating a channel that removes tension and stress, as well as emotional blockages. The energy fields of both people communicate, and in doing so, relief from tension is felt.

By respecting the spirit, mind and body of the person and treating it as a whole, the recipient experiences a feeling of peace, security and wellbeing. When done properly, a treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

Just as with any therapy or health care treatment, it is important to seek out a certified professional. Reiki is a bona fide science that requires skill and training in order to work with a persons life force. If you are interested in a reiki treatment, there are many organizations that can help you find a professional Reiki Master.

Monday, April 24, 2006 

Having Trouble Sleeping? Reflexology to the Rescue!

After a long day of activity, whether you are working at home, in an office, going to school or taking care of children, a good rest is what we all look forward to. But it seems to be that these are exactly the times when sleep evades us.

What to do? Try using a do-it-yourself reflexology foot massage. It makes sense, your feet work the hardest supporting your entire body throughout the day, plus all the nerves in your body end here.

What is reflexology? The art of reflexology has its roots in the ancient cultures of Egypt, India and China. The West received word of this therapy in 1913 from Dr. William Fitzgerald, who noted that reflex areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body. Eunice Ingham developed this zone theory further in the 1930's and reflexology as we know it today became real. She found that tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body. Reflexology is a complementary therapy, which works on the feet to help heal the whole person not just the prevailing symptoms.

First, take a nice shower or bath, get out your favorite lotion and coat your foot with just enough to lubricate your foot.

Now beginning with the ball of your right foot, take both hands and place the thumbs in the middle, beneath your third toe. Use enough pressure that is comfortable for you and make slow, circular movements.

Next, move to the arch of your foot. Make sure you massage the complete area of the arch from the ball of your foot to the heel.

Now, move to the heel of your foot, continue using circular movements, by now your body should begin to relax. Use both hands and hold your foot between them, flex your toes, first forward and then backward, then massage each toe from the top to the bottom where it meets the ball of your foot.

Finally, move to the top of your foot. Take your thumbs and beginning at your ankle, use the same circular movements down to your toes, around the sides of your foot and the ankle joint.

Repeat the process on your left foot, and once you are finished you should be more relaxed and ready for a wonderful dream.

Sunday, April 23, 2006 

Ayurveda-Health Care Built Around You

More than ever before, people are seeking ways to fulfill the human need for empowering. And nothing makes a person feel more empowered than a healthy body. Change is the constant driving force to life and many people are seeking change in their health regiment, no longer satisfied with the traditional view that treats every person from the same perspective. These methods of health care are rapidly being replaced by alternative therapies.

Your body is unique and the health care system of Ayurveda respects this fact. This ancient science brings the knowledge of healthy living to your specific needs, enabling you to live harmoniously with you environment. In fact, the origin of the word itself, literally means "knowledge of life". It is built on the principle that each person, given the knowledge of what their body requires and what it cannot handle, is capable of taking charge of their own life and healing.

Ayurvedic principles have stood the test of time and they are just as valid in today's society as when they were first recorded in India. The knowledge of your basic nature comes from listening and responding to the unique needs of your body, developing awareness and balance of your mental and emotional activity, as well as opening yourself to the guidance of your essence-your spiritual self.

Ayurveda is a science that focuses on health with benefits that extend into your daily life and your relationships. Because your health is truly your prize asset, keep it well tuned and everything and everyone in your life will reap the benefits, plus, you will be happier.

Ayurveda acknowledges that it is the individual who is the only one who can truly know themselves and gives them the tools to use to do so.

Saturday, April 22, 2006 

Add Spirulina to Your Diet and Enjoy Better Health

Just like many people, I am concerned about living in an urban environment; how do I deal with daily exposure to air borne toxins from auto and manufacturing emissions, noise pollution and stress?

After doing some research, I found Spirulina, commonly known as blue-green algae. It is a photosynthetic life form, the first food that nature produced and was responsible for producing oxygen which helped other life forms evolve. I am pleased to report that I have witnessed a definite improvement in my health since I began including it in my daily diet.

The improvement is due to the fact that Spirulina is rich in protein and compounds that improve the immune system. It assists the body to manage stress with vitamin B-12, which is very important for the nervous system to function well. And removing toxins from the body is given a boost by its chlorophyll, beta carotene, iron and GLA (gamma lineolic acid-as found in human breast milk) content, that helps the body to rebuild healthy, strong muscle tissue.

There are many other benefits and a lot of scientific research that verifies it, so if you want to keep yourself healthy and happy, take a look at Spirulina.

Friday, April 21, 2006 

Grow Your Own for the Freshest Food Possible!

We probably need a lot of enzymes and plant sugars (not refined!) for optimum health.

Enzymes get killed when food is cooked, and the essential sugars in plants are only produced when the fruit ripens naturally on the plant. They don't survive very long in the form that our body needs most.

Have you ever picked a ripe fruit from a tree and tasted that burst of flavour? That's from some of the essential sugars that your body needs to coat every cell so that the cells can comunicate with one another. If you have allergies or auto-immune disease you likely are missing some essential sugars in your diet.

The solution? Have something raw and freshly picked with every meal. Grow herbs in pots and have a little vegetable plot if you can to grow salad vegetables and fruits to eat raw.

You'll feel so much better!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 


Aromatherapy is about using natural essential oils from flowers and trees and other plants to achieve balance, harmonize oneself and promote the health of your body, spirit and mind.

It needn't be complicated. A few drops of essential oil in a warm place close to you will work wonders on your state of mind.

If you like you can buy an aromatherapy diffuser. Most of them would be something that was pleasing to the eye and had a place to put a small candle with a small bowl on top to put some water and a few drops of oil in.

Then just light up the candle and you are in business!

Try lots of different essential oils and mixes of them. But use the real thing! Artificial fragrance oils just aren't going to have the same effect. And with essential oils a little goes a long way.

Lots of places sell essential oils. I get mine from one of my local health food stores. But I know of stores just dedicated to aromatherapy. If there isn't a source for them close to you, well, everything is available on the internet.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Acupuncture - An ancient and effevtive treatment

The acupuncturist is able to influence health and sickness by stimulating certain areas along these "meridians". Traditionally these areas or "acupoints" were stimulated by fine, slender needles. Today, many additional forms of stimulation are incorporated, including herbs, electricity, magnets and lasers. Still, the aim remains the same - adjust the "vital energy" so the proper amount reaches the proper place at the proper time. This helps your body heal itself.

Monday, April 17, 2006 

Holistic approach to cancer treatment

Holistic approach to cancer treatment
Dr. Generosa Grana remembers a time not that long ago when cancer patients, looking for any extra help they could get, would seek out practitioners of complementary medicine without the consent or even the knowledge of their oncologists.

Saturday, April 15, 2006 

Aloe vera's skin-soothing and cell-protecting properties

For countless Americans, myself included, aloe vera was the first encounter with a medicinal herb. As teenagers in coastal Maine, my friends and I would head for the beach on a warm spring day to start renewing our suntans, and after frying our pallid winter skin, we'd rub aloe gel on each others' blistered backs.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Natural Cures

Well-known physician Allen S. Josephs, M.D. is seeking to launch a revolution against the very foundation of America's current healthcare system. Dr. Josephs is on a mission to help everyone achieve optimal health, minimizing the current requirements of using drugs, surgery and other common practices that are dangerous and expensive
ABC News

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

UK Personal Development Expo 2006

UK Personal Development Expo 2006
Booking tickets for the Personal Development Expo has never been such a steal those who register early receive 50% discount and a 240 page motivation e-manual, The Millionaire Mindset by Gerry Roberts.

Sunday, April 02, 2006 

Alternative Health: An Aide to Traditional Medicine

The scope of alternative healing or natural healing is very broad. Alternative healing in general is recently becoming popular. This includes herbal therapy, acupuncture, the use of gems, crystals, and magnets to promote healing, and other similar ideas. Several other methods are still being developed. I, personally, am a fan of alternative healing. This concept relays the magical form of healing. Let me make it clear though, that I do not recommend users to simply switch to alternative healing. As for my experience, I systematically blend the traditional medical treatment with the specific alternative healing method I prefer. The results are good as it dramatically speeds up my recovery.


The Powers of Meditative Healing

Meditation refers to the state of the body is relaxed and the mind is maintained in complete calmness and focus. Healing through meditation is possible. You can try it and it can relieve your senses, your body, and even your soul. Although the full meditation stage is not easy to achieve, practicing it daily can improve health and in time noticeable changes happens on your physical and mental well being. Meditiation can be self-taught, it's just a matter of stong determination and will. Generally, it can relieve stress because it aims to relax your body and mind. You can be healed of acute and chronic pain even. Mentally, your focus and state of mind will improve. At times, it is believed that pain is just a state of mind. With proper meditation, healing can happen. Just will it to be.


Take Good Care of Yourself