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Friday, April 21, 2006 

Grow Your Own for the Freshest Food Possible!

We probably need a lot of enzymes and plant sugars (not refined!) for optimum health.

Enzymes get killed when food is cooked, and the essential sugars in plants are only produced when the fruit ripens naturally on the plant. They don't survive very long in the form that our body needs most.

Have you ever picked a ripe fruit from a tree and tasted that burst of flavour? That's from some of the essential sugars that your body needs to coat every cell so that the cells can comunicate with one another. If you have allergies or auto-immune disease you likely are missing some essential sugars in your diet.

The solution? Have something raw and freshly picked with every meal. Grow herbs in pots and have a little vegetable plot if you can to grow salad vegetables and fruits to eat raw.

You'll feel so much better!


Take Good Care of Yourself