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Monday, July 10, 2006 

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is another holistic energy system that is similar in concept to Pranic Healing, but actually uses touch to heal.

The person giving the Healing Touch and the patient client work together towards improving health and healing for the patient.

Healing Touch uses a gentle touch to correct imbalances in the human electro-magnetic energy both inside and surrounding the body.

The pupose of Healing Touch is to bring back balance and harmony in the patient's electro magnetic energy system

There are many classes available in North America to learn Healing Touch Therapy. A typical beginners class will take about 3 x 8 hour days and cost maybe somewhere in the region of $300. Most of them will be aimed at registered nurses, but usually any healers are welcomed into the classes.

Saturday, July 08, 2006 

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is about using the life force energy prana (also known as qi).

The idea is that to heal more of this energy is needed at the diseased site on a person.

Pranic healing is augmenting the flow of the life force energy in a person's bio- electomagnetic field, or aura.

Photography has shown that this electromagnetic field becomes disrupted before didease is manifested. If the pranic energy flows are wrong, disease results.

Everyone has chakra's (energy centres) in the palms of their hands, and pranic healing is using the energy from these to sense what is wrong in their own or other people's electro-magnetic energy and to clear the blockages and correct it.


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