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Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Alternative Healing: Therapeutic Accessories

Alternative healing is popular nowadays. There have been lots of studies promoting the healing wonders of non-medical materials, such as gems, crystals and magnets. It has been a theory that these things carry vibration rates and auras that promote healing. The effects are nonetheless indirect, but are considered effective. All these require is to be placed near the body, which is usually on the wrist. Though not very evident, it puts your whole body on therapy and particularly targets the afflicted part closest to it. I would highly recommend everyone to use only high quality gemstones, crystals and magnets to get full beneficial results. These alternative-healing tools could ease some muscular pains like arthritis. They can ease physical pain, and all the more, you can definitely enjoy using them as rings, bracelets or pendants. Try one today, they do not only give you alternative healing but they can definitely add spice to your get up too.


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