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Sunday, February 19, 2006 

Hearts, Brains and Vessels Podcast

Hearts, Brains and Vessels Podcast
Listen to Hearts, Brains and Vessels Podcast

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Massage therapists find new venues
Stress undermines success - and employers know it. Many are now providing workers with on-site chair or table massage to decrease fatigue and anxiety, prevent repetitive strain injury and promote productivity.And that's comforting to massage therapists, who are increasingly selling their services in alternative settings.

The Inside Track Metaphysical Letter Is Now Available Free on the Internet
The Inside Track is a one page metaphysical letter designed to be a quick read for busy professionals interested in subtle energy work in both the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions.

StopDrugAds.org: A New Website Against DTC Prescription Drug Advertising
Today, Commercial Alert launched the website StopDrugAds.org (www.stopdrugads.org), devoted to ending direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising in the United States.

Yoga May Help Ease Aching Back
Study Shows Effects of Yoga May Help Reduce Need for Pain Medication.

Novel Raises Questions About Spiritual Meaning in Song Lyrics
In less than nine months since its release The Gift of Gabe, has many readers wondering about the meaning of many well known song lyrics including songs by Jimi Hendrix.

Walk Here Now: Walk to Meditate, Anytime, Anywhere
The latest Wellness Program for the Business and Corporate World, Walk Here Now: Walk to Meditate, Anytime, Anywhere for Individual, Pairs, Groups Within Business and Corporate Settings.


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