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Monday, February 20, 2006 

Meditation 'helps beat' alcohol cravings

Meditation 'helps beat' alcohol cravings
A Queensland researcher says meditation is one way to overcome alcohol cravings.

Global meet on science and spirituality
New Delhi: An international conference on science and spirituality will be held here Feb 5-7 to explore the relationship between the two knowledge traditions.

Meditation associated with structural changes in brain
The regular practice of meditation appears to produce structural changes in areas of the brain associated with attention and sensory processing.

Festival of Light offers alternative healing
More than 200 people attended the seventh annual Festival of Light last weekend at the Inn & Spa in Berkeley Springs that included more than 30 practitioners offering spiritual and physical healing techniques...

More choosing the alternative health path
(Australia) USE of vitamins and herbal medicines has hit an all-time high, with middle-aged women identified as the biggest users of these and other forms of alternative medicine.

Goodbye Metrosexual; Hello Metrospiritual
Beliefnet.com, The Internet's Leading Source For Spirituality, Profiles 'Metrospirituals' - The Growing Ranks Of The Hip And Holistic Who Are Seeking Their Inner Bliss With Serious Style.

Walk Here Now: Walk to Meditate, Anytime, Anywhere
The latest Wellness Program for the Business and Corporate World, Walk Here Now: Walk to Meditate, Anytime, Anywhere for Individual, Pairs, Groups Within Business and Corporate Settings.

When Trust in Doctors Erodes, Other Treatments Fill the Void
The most telling evidence of Americans' dissatisfaction with traditional health care is the more than $27 billion they spend annually on alternative and complementary medicine, according to government estimates.

UK Personal Development Expo 2006
Booking tickets for the Personal Development Expo has never been such a steal those who register early receive 50% discount and a 240 page motivation e-manual, The Millionaire Mindset by Gerry Roberts.


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