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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

Guilt has no role in authentic spirituality

Guilt has no role in authentic spirituality
Our religious lives are non-stoppable. We do not know where or how to stop it. We do not know a post-religious state or a beyond-ego state. This profound ignorance sponsors the non-stop religious life and that is what religions want. Religions are not bothered about your liberation.

Leave the worried well and their flu jabs alone - complementary therapies will cost the NHS a fortune
After all her department has done to indulge this country's hypochondriacs, it was cruel, indeed, to hear the health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, turn on the "worried well"...

Chronotherapy Helps Lung Cancer Patient on the Road to Recovery
Margaret Olszowka was diagnosed with lung cancer on New Year's Eve, 2002. The prognosis was very grim: her disease had advanced to Stage 4 and was inoperable. Doctors at a very well known university hospital told her there was nothing they could do for her...

Diabetes Podcast
Listen to Diabetes Podcast

Everything you didn't know about health! Visit naturecuresclinic.com for more information.

3rd Annual World Spirituality Day December 31: An Earth Day for the Spirit
Add a unique new Spirit to your pre-New Years Eve celebrations by attending or creating a World Spirituality Day event.

Global meet on science and spirituality
New Delhi: An international conference on science and spirituality will be held here Feb 5-7 to explore the relationship between the two knowledge traditions.

Herbal Medicines in spotlighted with appointment
(New Zealand) Herbal Medicines in spotlight with new appointment at The University of Auckland

When Trust in Doctors Erodes, Other Treatments Fill the Void
The most telling evidence of Americans' dissatisfaction with traditional health care is the more than $27 billion they spend annually on alternative and complementary medicine, according to government estimates.

Spirituality's rising role in medicine stirs debate
Science and religion straddle disparate worlds, periodically creating tense standoffs as in the recent disputes about intelligent design and the Dalai Lama's lecture at a large neuroscience meeting. Amidst those debates, some researchers are posing the contentious question: is spirituality good for health?


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