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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

Yoga May Help Ease Aching Back

Yoga May Help Ease Aching Back
Study Shows Effects of Yoga May Help Reduce Need for Pain Medication.

Meditation can be beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis patients
Meditation which has proved to be a great stress buster can also reduce some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis , according to researchers at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore.

Pain Podcast
Listen to Pain Podcast

Everything you didn't know about health! Visit naturecuresclinic.com for more information.

If it says "SUGAR FREE" on the label, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!
A discussion on the adverse effects of Aspartame. It is interesting that this was posted on the same day as the BBC News published a lead article on Leukemia and Aspartame.

The Nerve Force
How stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression can be managed using the body's Vital Nerve Force. Dr. Patricia Bragg on San Francisco TV's "The AM Weekend Show".

Dr. Patricia Bragg and Jack LaLanne
Dr. Patricia Bragg talks about the early days with Jack LaLanne. It was Patricia's father, Dr. Paul C. Bragg, (the originator of health Food stores) who saved Jack LaLanne's life when he was 15 years old and very sickly. Dr. Bragg is considered the pioneer of today's Health and Organic Movement.

Homeopathy 'does boost health'
Homeopathy helped improve the health of over 70 per cent of patients with chronic diseases at Bristol homeopathic hospital, re-igniting debate over the controversial practice...


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