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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

The Alternative Path To Beauty

This blog got some good articles worth reading. So, I just wanted to put in my take on alternative health as well.

There is no doubt that in our fast-paced world, Science and modernization have pushed the walls of time to its limits. Who would have though that Julie Andrews, even at the age of seventy, still holds the regal beauty of a 25- year old? It just goes without saying that there are a hundred and one ways to stay fit and young looking, Hollywood or no Hollywood.

This morning, I was browsing Cosmopolitan Magazine and I turned green with envy over models that have smooth and flawless skin. It’s just impossible. Impossible if you don’t have the money, that is. I bet they spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and expensive cosmetics. That got me started on my search for alternative ways to keep natural beauty at its prime, without being broke. And here’s what I have to share:

For Bad Skin
Vitamin A & D are what give skin that certain glow. If you have a bad skin (dry and dull skin), try natural supplements instead. Liver is a good source of these vitamins. You make want to take in cod liver, shark liver oil or halibut liver which are key ingredients in most natural supplements. For those who doesn’t know what Vitamin D is, it is actually also referred to as sunshine vitamin. Going out and taking a walk wouldn’t hurt you. In fact, it would help your skin keep aglow.

For Acne-Prone Skin
Eggs are not only good for breakfast; your face can surely needs some helping too. Eggs contain selenium, vitamin A and B complex, which are all good for your skin. You can make a good egg mask by combining one-part egg white with one teaspoon lemon juice. Apply to the face, then rinse well after thirty minutes. If you have one gory acne you need to get rid of, you can mix 2-tablespoon cornstarch with a teaspoon of vinegar. Leave for about 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.

For Clogged Pores
Clean pores make up a blooming face. Scrubbing regularly will make them dirt free. In making a natural facial scrub, you will need a tablespoon of honey mixed with one-fourth peeled cucumber. Add them all in a blender and add water when needed. Strain the mixture and in a teaspoon of meal of each these ingredients: almond, ground oatmeal, sunflower seed and wheat germ. The scrub facial scrub should appear as a smooth paste.

Here are just a part of the thousands of ways you can make your look at its best. I’ll keep you updated on other alternative ways that can be of help in our journey to beauty and health. Take good care of yourself!


Take Good Care of Yourself