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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 

Creating Harmony with Color

Using color in therapy is also known as Chromotherapy and is inter-related to the esoteric science of astrology. Most of what we know about the power of color comes from Egyptian history. The use of color to balance energy is very similar to music therapy, combining them, you can create a harmonious environment for yourself both internally and externally. Color therapy resources include; fabric, gemstones, candles, herbs and jewelry. Colors are also linked to the chakras, the energy centers of the body, which can be directly affected through the use of these resources.

There is a interesting relationship between color and the patterns of time that we use in our daily lives. Although we use a seven day calendar today, this was not always the case, both the Egyptians and Chinese societies used a ten-day week. It was the ancient Assyrians who invented the seven-day week, using names of the seven then-known planets. which each has an associated astrological color. A simple way to harmonize yourself with planetary energy is to wear an item in the color of the day:
  • For Sunday, you can honor the Sun by wearing an item of orange or gold jewelry.
  • The Moon rules Monday, the colors are white, grey/silver and light blue, silver jewelry also works well.
  • Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the color is red, jewelry made with garnet or rubies can accent the energy well.
  • Wednesday, Mercury the messenger planet, yellow and orange and corresponding gems of this color.
  • Jupiter rules Thursday, its colors/gemstones are blue and purple.
  • Friday, ruled by Venus, has several colors; blue, green, pink and brown are all appropriate.
  • And for Saturday ruled by awesome Saturn, the color is black.
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