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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Get to Know Some Friendly Fungi - Part I

Mushrooms belong to the world of Fungi, which plays an integral role in our ecology. They break down dead organic material for the recycling of nutrients through ecosystem can continue. The medical profession has made effective use of fungi in the creation of penicillin and other antibiotics. And there are many culinary delights made with mushrooms.

In addition to edible ones, there are medicinal mushrooms which are gaining attention of the medical world for its benefits in the use in the prevention, care and treatment of the body. They contain numerous substances that aid the body's ability to defend itself against toxins and stress. These include glycoproteins, glyconutrients and lectins to name a few.

Adding mushrooms to your diet or a mushroom extract supplement to your daily routine will influence your immune system. It has also been show to have a positive impact in the prevention of cancer or treatment. The shiitake and reishi mushrooms are highly regarded for their anti-oxidant properties, however, there are some individuals who may experience an allergic reaction to mushrooms if ingested regularly.

We will look at the Agaricus, Kombucha and Maitake mushrooms in Part II.


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