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Sunday, April 23, 2006 

Ayurveda-Health Care Built Around You

More than ever before, people are seeking ways to fulfill the human need for empowering. And nothing makes a person feel more empowered than a healthy body. Change is the constant driving force to life and many people are seeking change in their health regiment, no longer satisfied with the traditional view that treats every person from the same perspective. These methods of health care are rapidly being replaced by alternative therapies.

Your body is unique and the health care system of Ayurveda respects this fact. This ancient science brings the knowledge of healthy living to your specific needs, enabling you to live harmoniously with you environment. In fact, the origin of the word itself, literally means "knowledge of life". It is built on the principle that each person, given the knowledge of what their body requires and what it cannot handle, is capable of taking charge of their own life and healing.

Ayurvedic principles have stood the test of time and they are just as valid in today's society as when they were first recorded in India. The knowledge of your basic nature comes from listening and responding to the unique needs of your body, developing awareness and balance of your mental and emotional activity, as well as opening yourself to the guidance of your essence-your spiritual self.

Ayurveda is a science that focuses on health with benefits that extend into your daily life and your relationships. Because your health is truly your prize asset, keep it well tuned and everything and everyone in your life will reap the benefits, plus, you will be happier.

Ayurveda acknowledges that it is the individual who is the only one who can truly know themselves and gives them the tools to use to do so.


Take Good Care of Yourself